Enter real world object in JSON format, e.g. Employee, Salary Slip etc..


Copy and paste information of real world objects such as information of employee, salary slip and etc onto the above text area. Above is an example of an employee infromation in JSON format, click on the button below to translate the JSON information into HTML UI. The provided information is first translated onto another JSON format that is then fed into StIGMa engine. The JSON that is being fed into StIGMa engine is shown below.

Start Translating

Generate Advance HTML JSON

Generated StIGMa JSON..

The above JSON format is use as input to StIGMa engine, you can edit it and click on the re-translate button to re-generate the HTML UI. We invite the community to enhance/change the StIGMa engine to support various generated look and feel HTML UI. By using JSON format with its explicit and implicit information as the input, a generic engine such as StIGMa can be develop and enhance independently from the real world data format. This will spur the industry to automate HTML UI development. Here is the source code