Employment Management System

In today's information age, such routine and standard process such as employee payroll, benefits, holidays etc should have been handle by computers. The computing power should be fully used to minimize the need for user's intervention when managing its employee.
Starts with Payroll and Leave Application System
StEMS is a full suite of of system that encompasses all required business functionalities in an enterprise, get the advantage of its enterprise functionalities, start of with its Payroll or Leave Application System.
Support monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily or hourly payroll
Payroll can be complex if fair compensation policy is fully practiced. Due to such complexity, many solution offered simplified compensation methods that either caused over or under compensation. Our system offer flexibility to ensure all payer and payee can be compensated fairly.
Fully compliance to local employment statutory and regulation
With the trend of employment regulation and compliance to the Industrial Act not relaxing, its important that the solution you choose is able to comply, adhere and advice its users on employment regulation and compliance.
Multi-currency, multi-nationality, multi-user, multi-employment and multi-companies [consolidation]
Since our solutions philosophy is base on mapping the real world as much as possible, hence like the real world where payroll can be in different currency or an employee can be from different nationality. All such requirements should be as natural as possible since that's how the real world is.
Customizable and configurable for any type of payment rate
Though StEMS is highly configurable to meet almost any type/kind of businesses, nevertheless no two business is the same. Here, we understand this and hence we have various programs to extend/customize our application to meet your business needs however differ it can be.
Modular, integrated, enterprise type functionalities
Aside being able to integrate Payroll and Employee Leave/Vacation System, StEMS will also be able to integrate into Shujutech other business modules such as its Accounting, Sales, Tax Returns and etc. Every modules in the family suites are fully integrated to ensure it reflects how the real world as it is.
Modular And Integrated
StEMS (Shujutech Employee Management System) is design to be modular and yet integrated. As a StEMS subscriber, you enjoy the benefit of only subscribing to the module you need. But when the time comes where you require additional functionality, you can subscribe to the additional add on and extend your solutions need, whilst StEMS will continue to function as an integrated solution.

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